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We Make Pets Happy!

Going out of town?

Make your pet a happy pet with our

Day Visits, Potty Breaks and Overnight Sits!

Standard Day Visit**

Our most popular visit is perfect for many single and multiple pet homes.  It includes feeding, medication*, litter box cleaning, a walk or time in the yard, extra play time and lots of love!  Each visit is approximately 20-30 minutes long.  And if requested we are happy to add retrieving mail, newspapers and packages; watering plants; and taking trash cans to and from the curb.

Ask about our savings packages!


Brief Potty Break Visit**

This visit is great for supplementing the Standard Day Visits while you're out of town or as a mid-day visit that doesn't require a regular walk or a feeding.  Each visit is approximately 10-20 minutes long and includes water bowl refills and a short walk or time in the backyard.

Ask about our savings packages!


Cat Only Day Visits

Let's just say it:  cats are different.  The Cat Only Visit is tailored specifically for them.  It includes feeding, water refill, medication*, litter box cleaning and, for those who want it, play time, brushing and lots of love!  For those who prefer to not have human company, we won't linger.  Depending upon the personality of your cat(s), these visits last between 10 and 30 minutes.

Please note that visits must be schedule no less than every 24 hours.  

Ask about our savings packages!


Extended Day Visits

Just like our Standard Day Visit - only twice as long!  Sometimes you're gone a little longer and your pets needs a little more time - this visit is filled to the brim with lots of play time and extra love!


Small Animal Day Visits

Not sure what to do with your bird, lizard, rabbit, guinea pig, or ferret while you're out of town?  Hire a pet sitter!  Our Small Animal Visit is tailored to the care and feeding of animals that may not need a long visit.  This visit lasts approximately 10 minutes and is good for welfare checks, feeding, water replacement, misting and spot cage cleaning.  We can also add basic house sitting features such as bringing in the mail, newspaper and packages; watering plants and taking out the trash.  Please note that visits must be made at least once every 24 hours.  We do not feed animals that require live food.

Ask about our savings packages!


Overnight Care

We are proud to offer overnight care for your pets in their own home!  Price begins at $120 for up to 4 pets and is subject to availability.  Overnight Care includes 12 straight hours of on-site care from about 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and includes breakfast, dinner, medication*, two walks or lots of backyard time, and, of course, water bowl re-fills as well as, if requested, all of the additional options of the Standard Day Visit.

starting at $120 per night

A note on Overnight Care:  Employment wage law requires that sitters be paid for all 12 hours of care even though some of those hours are spent sleeping.  Our prices are reflective of that legal requirement.

* A small fee may be added for certain medications such as insulin, subcutaneous fluids or when giving medication requires that more than one person be present.

** Our policy is that all dogs must have no fewer than three visits in any 24-hour period.  No exceptions.

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