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Daily Dog Walks

Does your dog spend

all day alone?

Are you gone

long hours?

Are you coming home

to a stressed-out

bundle of energy?

Tired of having

your house torn apart?

Keep calm and hire a dog walker!

Fact:  dogs get bored and lonely.  Hiring a dog walker provides love and attention and gives your dog the stimulation it needs from the variety of sounds, smell and sights outdoors.  They also get exercise which helps to keep them healthy and reduces their likelihood of being destructive or just plain mischievous!  

Single Dog Walk

Up to 2 Dogs

20 - 30 Minutes


All dog walks also include Daily Visit features such as water bowl refills, feeding, medications* and lots of love!

We have packages!


Save money by joining our


Dog Walking Club!

* A small fee may be added for certain medications such as insulin, subcutaneous fluids or when giving medication requires that more than one person be present.

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