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To our clients and our community,

At Pink Paw Pet Sitting, our number one goal has always been to provide you with peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for.  In light of the recent threat from the novel coronavirus, we will also be implementing special procedures to ensure the safety and well-being for you and our staff.


The following information explains procedures that Pink Paw Pet Sitting is now using during our visits to your homes.  By now you have likely received many emails from various companies regarding changes to their procedures.  However, as a company that goes into your homes and has contact with your pets and your household surfaces, the measures we take to protect the members of your household and our staff have taken careful consideration.


Since the early days of the coronavirus' arrival to our area, I have been in touch with other pet sitters and pet-sitting business owners and have attended webinars conducted by my industry associations to discuss and learn best practices for preventing infection.  As a result, Pink Paw will use the following steps when we take care of your pets:

1.  Immediately after we enter your home we will wash our hands following the guidelines set forth by the CDC.  We will use only paper towels to dry our hands (no hand towels or dish towels.)  If you do not keep paper towels on hand, please let us know in advance.  Our staff sitters will be given paper towels as a part of their regular supplies.


2.  During each visit, we will use only collars, leashes, harnesses, poo bags and other items that you supply.

3.  At the end of each visit, we will wash our hands again.  The paper towels that we use to dry our hands will also be used as a barrier when we touch light switches, door knobs, etc., as we exit your home.


4.  Once back in our car, we will use disinfectant to clean surfaces such as the steering wheel, door latches, gear shift, etc., as well as our car keys and client keys.

5.  Between visits, we will also disinfect cell phones as recommended by the manufacturers.

Even as our economy begins to opens up, these procedures will remain in place.


Over the last couple of months, many of you have had to cancel vacation plans and/or have been asked to work from home and are now doing your best to "shelter in place."  These times are very stressful and our pets can be adversely affected.  When the weather cooperates, I encourage you to get outside and take your dog(s) for long walks.  Although a brisk walk or run without stopping is sure to burn off some energy, be sure to stop and let them smell along the way in order to give them mental stimulation, too.  And be especially aware of the warming weather as many dogs cannot tolerate much exercise in our North Texas heat.


For kitties, you can find videos on Amazon specifically for cats and use interactive toys to keep them happy and relaxed.


As always, I am here to answer your questions regarding our policies and procedures.  I welcome your input should you have special needs for your home or your pets.  


We wish you all the best in these strange times and look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Wishing you continued good health,

~ Morgan McKibbon


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